Puppy Pre-School


Next Class: Tuesday 7th November, 6.30 - 7.30pm (runs for the first 3 Tuesdays of the month)

Cost: $60

Age: 11-16 weeks (Puppies must have had their first two vaccinations and it must be at least 10 days since their second (10wk) vaccination)

Please phone the clinic to secure your booking

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Our puppy preschool teacher, Jodie Milton runs monthly classes at the clinic that has shown great results with graduates launching their social career on all four well-grounded feet. 

Jodie says Puppy Preschool doesn’t just enable pups to learn good social and behaviour skills, it also helps families to understand how puppies learn, develop and behave in general.

“It gives puppies the opportunity to interact with people and other animals in a safe environment and since we encourage all the family (including the kids) to come along, we are able to update the whole family on the latest pet health info, background to basic good behaviour and talk about behavioural issues that are important to be aware of.”

“It also contributes to making the early experience of the clinic a positive one helping to reduce fear or anxiety for return trips.”
Jodie’s students are between 11 and 16 weeks, a critical time in puppy development.

“This is when you can have the most positive impact during a critical stage of their learning life. The influence of a positive learning experience at this age can set them up for the future.”

Learning in a fun environmentClasses are conducted under the philosophy of positive reinforcement. Encouragement and reward techniques are used with treats and praise within a fun atmosphere. Jodie’s teaching focuses on getting the pups to think through the tasks during learning in order to reach their goal.

“This gets the puppies to process what is required of them. This type of learning helps them learn more readily and respond more effectively to commands."

"This is better than forcing the puppies to do their required tasks. It also encourages the bond between the puppy and the owners and it makes the process of correction for things like mouthing, jumping and other behaviours that may be an issue in later life easier to control.”

Future students of Puppy Preschool must have had their second vaccination at least 10 days prior to the class and are required to come to class with a flat collar and a lead. Check chains (choker chains) are not used and there is a limit of 10 students per term to allow for a happy class structure that isn’t crowded.

“With this number of students per class, we are better able to work with each individual puppy’s personality and owner's needs.”

“We have noticed that our techniques are well received among graduates and are able to have a positive impact during learning.”

Upon completion, puppies should be capable of the "come", "sit" and "stay" commands, three very handy skills for their entire life. Students learn and practice these skills at home for an all round learning experience.

Graduates receive a certificate and a voucher for the clinic and there are always plenty of smiling faces for the class photograph.

Puppies would have to be one of nature’s cutest creations. They can bring the joy of new life to households with their baby faces, comedic antics and lively zest for life and learning. Puppies have an opportunity to continue giving joy to their owners into adulthood with a good grounding courtesy of puppy preschool and it is a perfect start to responsible pet ownership.