Ophthalmology is an area of interest in the practice with a high number of variable cases. All structures around and inside the eye should be considered when evaluating any eye problem.

A simple eyelid anomally like entropion (eyelid with eyelashes turned into and rubbing on the eye surface) can cause ongoing painful corneal ulceration. Alternatively, changes inside the eye can originate from the blood and a painful inflammatory conditions called anterior uveitis (inflammation of structures in the anterior parts of the eye including the iris), can lead to blindness if not diagnosed and treated quickly.

Corneal eye ulcers can be difficult to view

The same eye with Fluoroscein stain under a woods lamp now clearly shows the damaged corneal surface (a central corneal ulcer)

Fluoroscein eye stain in a beautiful corgi pup (Note the greenish tinge to the left eye)

Small dogs are often great friends with big dogs. Arguments over bones however can be costly! Just one quick nip can "pop" out an eyeball. Please take care when feeding.

Some painful eyes are best examined after local anaesthetic eye drops are administered. Others patients require sedation due to the sensitivity of the eye or the patient is unhappy to keep their head still e.g. puppies or kittens.

In house tenometry (measurement of the pressure within the eyeball (intraocular pressure)) and other advanced diagnostic aids, provide a good basis for therapy. The follow up of glaucoma cases (increased intraocular pressure) requires regular measurements to monitor the success of treatment. We can perform such rechecks in house.

This is Dr. Audrey and Nurse Emily using the tenometer, testing the intraocular pressure in a dog.

A monthly visit (usually the first Wednesday of every month) by a registered specialist in opthalmology to Orange provides us with convenient options for referral cases.  We are also able to refer cases to registered specialists in Sydney at any time.