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Welcome Our June Pup of the Month Pippa!


'I recently moved into my own place and wanted a companion to share it with, after hours of researching I found Pippa or Pip for short and absolutely fell in love with her. Pip is extremely placid and has a fantastic temperament, she has plenty of fun in the back yard dragging palm tree branches around the yard, going for swims in the pond and trying her absolute hardest to destroy her favourite Kong toy.

I was adament to attend Puppy Pre-School with Pippa thinking this would be beneficial for the both of us. Apparently I was more excited to attend as Pip did not want a part of the class, she sat under my chair extremely shy and would not leave or interact with the other puppies. By the second class Pip had opened up a little, however was more interested with getting some attention from the other owners rather than playing with the other puppies, she still would not leave my side for more than a few seconds. Third class, Pip was a complete different puppy, she couldn't wait to roam around to say hello and have a play with all the owners and puppies. 

Pip picked up so many of the commands and tricks with ease at home, but i was unsure if she would be as good and willing to do these at Puppy Pre-School, when it was our turn to show off what Pip had learnt she absolutely aced it, Puppy Pre-School assisted Pip to build he confidence, social skills and behavioral skills.'

Written by Pippa's owner Luke.