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Welcome Our September Pup of the Month Marley!


We began looking for a puppy after losing our dear little Chihuahua named buddy.

A friend of a friend had a litter of little blue cattle dogs, so we went to meet them. Caleb (11 years) immediately fell in love with one particular puppy and it just so happened to be the lucky last that was available to go to a good home.

Marley is extremely playful and loves to learn. For the week after each puppy preschool class we would practice what we had learned. Marley and Caleb look forward to their 'training' sessions in the backyard.

Marley thoroughly enjoyed puppy preschool! She now follows directions immediately. She can sit, stay, lay down, roll over and come when called. She is very eager to please because she loves her food, the positive recognition and she especially loves the puppy treats! Marley also enjoyed playing and getting to know the other puppies in the class and is a great little socialiser.

Our little Macey (2 years) was hesitant of Marley at first, clearly much bigger than our previous dog. But Marley loves to play and is gentle with the kids, even the little toddlers.

So, because of her love of learning we are continuing to do some more training.