Reptiles as Pets

Owning a reptile is a fantastic pet option. Reptililian pets can be fun to have around – not to mention educational and awe inspiring.

Canine Parvovirus

Parvovirus is a life-threatening viral disease which infects dogs only and is particularly dangerous to puppies. The virus can remain in the soil and environment for more than 5 years after contamination by an infected dog.


Seasonal Allergies are sensitivities experienced by our pets when they come in contact with an external source (allergen) during the season. Every allergy has fairly specific areas of the body they affect.


Parasites come in the form of worms, ticks, mites and fleas. All can affect our pets health and happiness.

Pet Health Insurance

Pet health insurance can be a responsible choice these days. Pets are considered family members by many. Their pets’ health is as important as anyone else in the household.

Older Pets

Over the years we have happily noticed a modest rise in ages of pets. Thanks to modern vet techniques and medicine, family pets now seem to reach ages older than commonly seen in the past.

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  • Duncan McGinness Veterinary Surgeons have been a loyal sponsor of Dubbo Field and Game for over 15 years. We congratulate Duncan and his staff on providing over two decades of outstanding veterinary service to the Dubbo Community.

    /_v2/_media/webapp/_v2-testimonials/DubboFieldGameLogo.png Stephen Smith, President Dubbo Field & Game
  • We have known Duncan McGinness in excess of 20 years, during this time he and his competent staff have looked after all the family's pets. He is now also looking after our grandchildren's pets. The service we receive from Duncan is nothing short of exceptional. The surgery is very welcoming and personalised, and the treatment of his patients is first class. Your pet's health is a priority. We would have no hesitation in recommending Duncan McGinness Veterinary surgeons as a reliable and efficient veterinary practice.

    Todd & Jenny Barlow,